Lomi Lomi

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Lomi Lomi is the traditional massage of Hawaii. A Lomi Lomi session consists of long, flowing strokes that follow a rhythmic, wavelike pattern. Strokes may flow from head to toe, and the session is more wholistic than specific. The therapist will use both hands simultaneously, in addition to forearms and elbows, throughout the session. While Lomi Lomi in some ways resembles Western massage modalities, as there is use of skin on skin contact, usually with lubricant, there are Eastern elements to Lomi Lomi as well. Both client and practitioner may set an intention for the session, breathe in tandem, and focus on moving energy and giving and receiving positive energy. If you are interested in experiencing Lomi Lomi, please feel free to ask Kiera if this modality may be beneficial for you.

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